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Scalar Triple Product


Find the volume of the para...

Find the volume of the parallelepiped whose coterminous edges are represented by the vector: ` vec a=2 hat i-3 hat j+4 hat k ,\ vec b= hat i+2 hat j- hat k ,\ vec c=3 hat i- hat j-2 hat k` .


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : Volume of the parallelepiped can be given as triple product of three vectors.<br> (i)`V = [veca vecb vecc]`<br> `:. V = |[2,3,4],[1,2,-1],[3,-1,2]|`<br> `=>V = 2(3)-3(5)+4(-7)`<br> `=>V = -37`<br> But, volume can not be negative.<br> So, required volume is `37` cubic units.<br> (iii) `V = [veca vecb vecc] = [11hati` `2hatj` `13hatk] = (11hati xx 2hatj)*13hatk`<br> `=> V =(22hatk)*13hatk = 286` cubic units.<br> Similarly, we can do part(ii) and part (iv).<br>


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