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Class 8






Playing With Numbers


Find the values of the letters...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : `2AB+AB1 = B18`<br> If we look at the unit digits of the given equation,<br> only value possible for `B` is `7` as `7`+`1` = `8`.<br> So,<br> `2A7+A71 = 718`<br> Now, only possible value for `A` can be `4` as `4`+`7` =`11`.<br> If we try `A=4` and `B=7`, then, it satisfies our addition. So, this is the correct answer.

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blue everyone in this question we have to find the value of the letters A and B and B are given that two of a b + a b 1 is equal to b 18 ok so we are given that to a + b 1 ok so edition of this is given as b-188 ok so by comparing the unit digits OK so the unit 6 b + 1 Sobi plus one should be equal to 8 or it can also be equal to 18 but 20 20 unit is it ok so it cannot be 18 so we can neglect the value 18 so we have b + 1 is equal to 8 from here we have the value of vs 735227 ok now now

if you look at the tens digit we have a + b o a + b is equal to the number whose unit is it is one so it can be 11121 and someone ok as b is equal to 7 and 8 cannot be negative so can't have be a + b as one and b is equal to 7 and as a single digit number ok so we also can't have a + b as 21 so we can I also agree that so we have a + b equal to 11 and if we put the value of the Year 7 year we have a + 7 is equal to 11 and we have a is equal to 4 from here OK so the value of a we got is 49 q

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