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Class 12






Increasing And Decreasing Function


Find the values of b for which...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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student question is find the values of p for which function f x is equals to sin x minus 3 X + 3 is a decreasing function on earth so let's solve this problem we know that for depressing function A+ egg should be less than zero I am going to differentiate this will be equals to differentiation of sin x is caustic and differentiation of minus b is minus 3 Cos A minus b should be always less than zero then only this function will be decreasing function on our ok it means that I am taking b - B2 Ae rasili company should be greater than caustic ok we should be greater than Kaushik and what is the range of

caustic belongs to -121 to understand this let's come to understory there is one friend and there is another friend and we know that height of this friend lies between the first -121 well it is not never negative but the pole height of this print is -1 to 1 and 2 different height is in between -1 to 1 and this friend has height greater than this paint it means that their height should be greater than one then only this statement will be always true and when this statement will be always true then it means that if there is always negative then only we can say this function is decreasing on ok so we should be greater than 1

ok in what is some books they include one no problem but 12 option will not be there like if there is this is optional question a option is 12 infinity and another of this 121 open and one close any one option will be there OK I did they will be talking about strictly increasing if they are talking about the strictly increasing then this is 12 if they are not talking about strictly increasing nor a strictly decreasing sorry if they are talking about strictly decreasing then this will be 120 and if they are not talking about strictly decreasing if one cloth but how will understand whether it is talking about strictly increasing steadily decreasing or simply increasing simply degrading it all depends

popson ok in some book this they consider increasing as strictly increasing decreasing at stick with it but in some book they consider both the term different no problem this both can be answered according to the question are no from my side answer is 12 Infinity close you can also consider this answer so thank you student

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