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Find the value of the const...

Find the value of the constant `k` so that the given function is continuous at the indicated point: `f(x)={k x+1,\ \ \ if\ xlt=picosx ,\ \ \ if\ x >pi` at `x=pi`


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : `lim _{x -> pi^{-}} f(x) =lim _{h -> 0} f(pi-h)`<br><br> `text { Let } x=pi-h `<br><br> `x -> pi^{-} Rightarrow h -> 0`<br><br> `=lim _{h -> 0} K(pi-h)+1[because f(x)=k x+1 text { for } x leq pi`<br><br> `=K pi+1 `<br><br> `lim _{h -> pi^{+}} f(x) =lim _{h -> 0} f(pi+h)` <br><br> `text { Let } x=pi+h `<br><br> `x -> pi^{+} Rightarrow h -> 0`<br><br> `=lim _{h -> 0} cos (pi+h)[because f(x)=cos x text { for } x>pi] `<br><br> `=lim _{h -> 0}-cos h=-1`<br><br> Also `{f}(pi)={k} pi+1`<br><br> Since `f(x)` is continuous at `x=pi`<br><br> `Rightarrow quad lim _{x -> pi^{-}} f(x)=lim _{x -> pi^{+}} f(x)=f(pi) `<br><br> `Rightarrow quad k pi+1=-1=k pi+1 `<br><br> `Rightarrow quad k pi=-2 `<br><br> `Rightarrow quad k=-frac{2}{pi}`<br><br>


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