Find the value of other five trigonometric function tanx=-5/(12), x lies in second quadrant.



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Updated On: 18-2-2021

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00:00 - 00:59the question is we have to find the value of other five trigonometric functions for X where X is equals to minus 5 by 12 and its allies in the second quarter so first we calculate cycle because it is easy to calculate sex with women tennis this is root of 1 + 10 square now we have to consider the sign now since Tennyson second quadrant oxygen second quadrant sec X is positive or negative so we put a minus sign here because S is negative in second quadrant so sec X is equals to minus root of 1 + 10 square it's so now we calculate cycle time is given to B minus 5 by 12 16 square this is minus 1 upon 1 + 25 by 12
01:00 - 01:594 when we solve it this will come out to be -13 by 12 this is the value of sec X for the given conditions of x now we calculate cortex cortex is just simply 1 by 10 x so this is minus 12 by 5 now we can calculate sin x sin x is HB Note 10 X upon sec x 10 x is -13 minus 5 by 12 this is given and we have calculated is -13 by 12 so aur sin x is 5 by 13 for cosec x
02:00 - 02:59Kaushik access when upon sin x 13 by 5 cos x is remaining for cos x this is simply one upon sec X so this is minus 1 upon 1 upon - 13 by 12 - 13 by 12 psychic so this is minus 12 by 13 these are all trigonometric ratios for given X conditions thank you

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