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Pair Of Straight Line


Find the value of Lambda if 2x...

Find the value of `Lambda` if `2x^2+7xy+3y^2+8x+14y+lambda=0` represent a pair of straight lines.

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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hello everyone is video mein Ham solve Karenge question to find find the value of x square + 7 x + 3 Y + Lambda sensor pair of straight lines Hamen Lambda value find karni hai Swami Lambda ki value find aur ham Jante hain aur ham Jante Hain Ki station X square + Jante Hain Ki equation X square + 286 Y + Y square 2G x + 2 f y + C is equal to zero represent a pair of straight line if if a b c k b c plus 2x GH 12 Ch - x square minus b square minus C square

Agar 2013 program is equation ko is equation ko is equation Koi se compare Karen To Hamen value kya mil Jayegi hamen bhi mil Jaega To aur h mil Jaega 72 ok bhi mil Jaega 3 aur mil Jaega mil Jaega 7G mil Jaega for NC mil Jaega Lambda + 2 fgh 22 into camera 7G camera for an edge camera 7 by to OK - minus A square and square minus b square b

square c camera Lambda aur camera 7272 ka square so this is equal to zero is a simplified 6 plus two to cancel this is 49 into into four and a half a v Yahan per kya jaega 14922 ok this is this is a 3 into 3 into 4 square train to koshish karne 63 into 16 - 49 by 4 Lambda is equal to zero so next cannot just calculate and find the Lambda 66 - 6 - 49 Lambda before and this

is 49 in 228 is equal to zero yahan se kya aayega 24 Lambda minus -49 Lambda bike 4 + 98 - 48 mins 50 is equal to zero + 200 is equal to zero Yahan Se Hamare land aaega 200/25 means set for this value of Lambda for this for Lambda is equal to Lambda is equal to 8 Lambda is equal to it this equation

represents a straight line


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