Updated on:30/05/2023

Find the value of λ, a non-zero scalar, if λ[102345]+2[123132]=[44104214]



this question find the value of Lambda in non zero scalar if Lambda 10 2 3 4 5 + 2 1 2 3 - 1 - 32 is equal to 4410 4214 now we multiply each element by the this is equal to Lambda Lambda in 2008 to Lambda S3 Lambda this is 4 digit multiply each element by to 2 x minus 2 minus 6 is equal to or for 10 to 14
now both metrics are same order then we add the corresponding elements which is the property of addition of matrix if both metrics are same order this will be equal to 2 by 3 order this is also to y3 order and this is to y3 order then the corresponding elements has been added to this is 42 Lambda + 6 this is really -24 Lambda -65 Lambda + 4410 in both the matrix are same order then we compare both the matter is this this is to Vetri order and this is also 3 by 2 order
pre-order this is also to y3 order now corresponding elements every has been compare this is equal to 4 + 2 is equal to 4 cylinder is equal to compare any any corresponding elements this will be equal to 4224 Lambda is equal to 6 + 28 is equal to each value of Lambda is equal can compare + 4 is equal to 14 from here is also equal to 10 and Lambda is equal to now value of Lambda is equal to 2 answer


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