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Coordinate Geometry


Find the value of k if the poi...

Find the value of k if the points `A(2,\ 3),\ B(4,\ k)\ a n d\ C(6,\ 3)`are collinear.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : area of `/_ABC=0`<br> `1/2(x_3(y_1-y_2)+x_2(y_3-y_1)+x_1(y_2-y_3))=0`<br> `1/2(6(3-k)+4(-3-3)+2(k+3))=0`<br> `18-6k-24+2k+6=0`<br> k=0<br>


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integration question we have to find the value of k if the point A B C are collinear and their coordinates are given as here like two three and four k and here it is 63 so here if the point is the points are if the points are collinear 8 points are collinear so the area will be zero so their area formed by them area form will be equal to zero and we know the formula for the area is equal to 1 upon 2 into X 1 in 2 by 2 minus b three plus x 2 into 3 - by 1 + 3 into by 1 minus y to so here it is equal to zero so now we just put the value here we get 1 by 2 into X 1 is to hear it

is likely X1 Y1 and X2 Y2 and that one is 3 and y3 so X1 is this and Y2 is ke - 3 + 4 into why 33 - 3 + 3 is 6 and 3 - K and K = 20 so here we get to ke minus x + 4 in 20 + 66 into 3 - ke so that will be equal to zero so here we get to K - 6 + 0 + 18 - 6 K is equal to zero so from here baby solve this and this is equal to minus 4 Y + 12 is equal

to zero seven we solve we get the value of k is equal to 3 and that's the answer