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Class 11






Binomial Theorem


Find the term independent of x...

Find the term independent of `x` in the expansion off the following expression: `(x-1/(x^2))^(3n)`

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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hello students in this question is given as find the term independent of x in the expansion of the following expression write the expression given in this question write it is x minus 1 to the power 3 can first letters write a General term t r + 1 + 1 by 1 will be equal to aur to suppose it is an exam and the scene example of oneplus X the power in NCR X ^ R1 to the power n minus x minus x square to the power 3 so it's t r + 1 X term will be are ok and it is minus one upon x square ^ are right and it is now

3 all we can say that it is 3 and C are -12 the power Rs2 the power minus 2 into x to the power 3 minus b c are -1 the power are the power minus 2 Y + 3 - this is the term for disturb to independent of x ^ X should be zero data what we can say - 2 + 3 - = 20 and I can say is equals to Priya or request to so when R is equal to n then then only it is possible that this term is independent of Tata CR plus one will be independent of x is equals to end all the term is T N + 1

which is independent of ok so here it is also find the term ok this term will come out to be a n + 1 is equals to 3 and -1 to the power in right eye and head to definitely be zero at the powers that as it is independent of x this will be 3 and CM -1 ^ this is the term independent of x in the expansion ok thank you


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