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Class 11






Binomial Theorem


Find the term independent of x...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello students in this question to given find the term independent of x expression of the following expression expression to find the term independent of the first letter write a General term of this expression expression is of the form oneplus x to the power n then its Central Thomas h + Y is equals to NCR power hour and went to the power n minus 2 by 2 x square minus 1 upon 3 x to the power 6 right now it right person and atomic + 16 CR minus 1 upon 3 X ^ are that will be 3 by 2 x square into

6 minus 2 find is a term which is independent of the term independent of x then there should the power it should be mean you should be banned it is independent of the power of the first letter simplify to be as 6 C H - 1 to the power upon 3 to the power are extra power hour and it will be 3 by 2 to the power 6 hour and X ^ 2 in 2612 what we get is equal to 6 CR -12 the power are 3 to the power minus are X ^ - 9 + 12 - 2 into 3 B to the power 6 - are right now letters

this further so this will come out to be asked 6E are -1 to the power 3 to the power minus 6 x ^ 12 - b to the power 6 - 12 - 3 hours should be zero so that the storm is independent of x 12 is equals to 3 aur I can say is equal to 42 the 5th term will be independent of 45 is equals to 6 minus 1 upon 3 x to the power 4 x 2 x square and 26 - 4 letters to this is what we get 9 letters simplify this system for the Sobti 5 will come out to be as 64 - 14 is 1 and 1 upon 3 to the power 4 x to the power 4

E3 power 2 X ^ 4.2 square this will be 64/6 factorial upon 4 factorial to hack into 1 upon 3 square upon 2443 square into two square this will be 6 into 5 into 4 factorial divided by 4 factorial to factor is nothing but 2 into 3 into 3 into 2 into 2 write this perfectly cancel out 2305 upon ok so fifth term is independent of x and its value is ok thank you


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