Class 11






Binomial Theorem


Find the term independent of x...

Find the term independent of `x` in the expansion off the following expression:`\ (2x+1/(3x^2))^9`


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occasion is find the term independent of x in the expansion of the following expression + 13 years old and before starting problem that have a look at the expression if a + b and b i can write down the value of h + bonus town as PR is equal to NCR into array and minus A into B response are threatened by using this thing I can say value of a is waking up to this expansion and the value of 1 upon the value of INS 954

aapane spare time for the given expansion is 99 - are in to be that is one upon 3 x square raised the power of you can Indians NCERT 10 power minus 2 x power n minus 1 into 1 divided by 3 into access to our next Residency Hai the best this term and this was saying and they both are in division you can write them as

Access for 9 - - as you know the value which is in the power of this sex between which is in the division get subtracted in the above numeric value right now you can read today's 9 Siya tourist 19 - 6 into 10 power x x raise to power it will give you 9 - 3 and now as we have to find the term which is independent of x it implies nothing but it says the power of X should be equal to zero

4 Students you just put 9 - 3 hour is equal to zero and from here are will be equal to know by substituting the value of R in H P R plus one 8 value that is T3 plus one which is equal to T4 is it through three phases and that is 9 C3 and it will give you to respond and minus into minus 1 upon 3 x power 3 into the only write on solving this you will get 93 nothing but 9 factorial divided by X

6 factorial into tourist power 6 into 1 upon 3 days power 3 into one spring night no net simplify this thing when you get these things to do in 9512 can be written as 9 into 18 27 into 6 factorial divided by 6 into 6 actual image x to the power 6 x 6 x and is divided by 3 x 3 x 6 be cancelled write a 3 into 3 is night it will be cancelled their friends we can cancel 8 and 6 together and will give you a three-year adult GIF for a right sentence

now add the remaining part is into 7 into this is to raise to power 6 / this is 3 Race 3 Race for two days restaurant on following day CM get 1792 you can stop it right here ok students you can write this implies that that all ok ok this is a required answer students and this is required solution of the question thank you so much