Class 11






Binomial Theorem


Find the sum sumsum_(0lt=ilt=j...

Find the sum `sumsum_(0lt=ilt=jlt=n)^n C_i^n C_j`


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hello students to their questions find the sum of Sigma and zero is less than + 2 J is less than they should answer of this session we have to find the sum of now this is because we can write we can check value is greater than a second

greater than and equal to zero is equal to 2 and + Y + 1 + 1

lcz plus Sar value for this is for greater than or equal to write this 2012 and is equals to S cross Sigma and

200000 and Mission of Sigma I told 20 I2

2022 the power and input to the power n + 1 / 12 + 246