Find the sum of the lengths of the bases of a trapezium whose area is `4.2\ m^2` and whose height is 280 cm.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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students are question is find the sum of lengths of bases right length of bases of trapezium whose area is 4.2 metre square whose height is 28 CM so in the question is given that height is 280 cm and the area is equal to 4.2 metre square and we have to find the sum of parallel sides write some of length of basis means we have to find sum of parallel sides in the question so firstly we should know that the area of trapezium area of trapezium is the formula for calculating area of trapezium is half into some of parallel site sum of parallel sides into height Titan to distance between them or aitor altitude in the question

area of trapezium is 4.2 metre square and height is sent height in cm firstly what we have to do we can convert height into m so we know that one cent is equal to 1 by hundred metre therefore we can say to 80cm will be equal to 2 8102 10 cancel with 10 so height will be equal to 2.8 M now we can substituted area is 4.2 metre square which is equal to half into some of parallel sides have to find let se sum of parallel sides BX into height is given 2.8 M 2.8 be connected to into one to write 2 into 1 2 decimal 12248 so some of parallel side which is x

is equal to 4.2 m square divided by 1.4 M right so we can say 1.4 into 1.4 124 into one is 1.48 and 1.4 into 3 will be equal to 4.2 so we can say that sum of parallel side is equal to 3 and this is the answer photo question

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