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Find the sum C_0-C_2+C_4-C_6+ ...

Find the sum C_0-C_2+C_4-C_6+ ......... ,where C_r=^n C_r .



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Updated On: 7-4-2021

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00:00 - 00:59so today's question is find the sum 30 - 32 + c 4 - 36 and so on till Infinity their Siya is equal to n c h i will write the general expansion of oneplus X raised to the power in and this is equal to 10 plus in C 1 X + nc2 Into X square + 3 into x cube and so on till end if the power n sunao will put x is equal to iota so first latest right that iota square is equal to -1 Toyota cube is equal to minus iota and I'm interested power 4 is equal to 1 so using this will get 1 + iota reset
01:00 - 01:59is equal to nc0 + nc1 into ayota - in C to minus 3 into iota plus nc4 Insan resolving this will get in 60 - NC to plus NC 4 - nc6 endzone + iota into NC 1 - 3 + nc5 and son now where we can see that they required expression is this one so we can say that this will be equal to Real part of 1 + iota raised to the power n so first latest write down oneplus 5 which would be equal to root 2
02:00 - 02:59into 1 by root 2 + iota divided by root 2 so this is equal to root 2 into Cos pi by 4 + iota into sin pi by 4 from here one plus 5 raise to the power n will be to this the power n by 2 into cos 3 pi by 4 + iota into sin n Pi before so we have written this using D my words your so from where we get the real part 1 + iota raised to the power in equals to 2 raise to the power n by 2 into cos
03:00 - 03:59n pi by 4 so this is a required answer thank you

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