Find the shrotest distance between the lines vecr = hati+hatj+ lambda(2hati-hatj+hatk) and vecr= 2hati+hatj-hatk+mu(2hati-hatj+hatk).



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Updated On: 3-6-2021

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Solution :
Given lines are parallel <br> Here `veca=hati+hatj, veca_(2) = 2hati+hatj+hatk` and `vecb=2hati-hatj+hatk` <br> Now`veca_(2)-veca_(1) = (2hati+hatj-hatk) - (hati+hatj) = hati-hatk` <br> `vecb xx (veca_(2) - veca_(1)) = |{:(hati,hatj,hatk),(2,-1,1),(1,0,-1):}|` <br> `= hati(1-0)-hatj(-2-1)+hatk(0+1)` <br> `= hati+3hatj+hatk` <br> `|vecbxx(veca_(2)-veca_(1))| = sqrt(1+9+1) = sqrt(11)` <br> `|vecb| = sqrt(4+1+1) = sqrt(16)` <br> Shortest distance betwene the parallel lines <br> `= |(vecbxx(veca_(2) - veca_(1)))/(vecb)| = sqrt((11)/(6)) = (sqrt(66))/(6)` units.



00:00 - 00:59here the given question is find the shortest distance between the line the first line is a vector which is equal to ICAP + 2 J cap + Lambda to ICAP - 2 J cap + K cap and the second line is given as are equal to two ICAP + 2 J cap - K cap and the new act + Mu To ICAP - 2 J cap + K cap so here we know that the equation the general equation of line is given as is given as our vector is equal to sum Sum a vector which is fixed point through which the lines passing + Lambda in vector a vector is btrfs so we can say that here did direction ratio of line one which is represented by Alvin is given by Sohail you can see that this is the direction ratio so it is given by Sohail we can see that the admin vector is given by two ICAP - 2 J cap + K cap and similarly the
01:00 - 01:59direction ratio of line to is given by M2 actor and it is equal to hear this is our the direction receive S and which is given as two ICAP - 2 J cap + K cap so here you can see that the M1 vector is equal to M to factor it it means the direction ratios of both the answer is equal to we can say that lines the lines are the lines are parallel so here we know that for the Parallel Lines the shortest distance shortest distance is given by given by modulus of R1 vector minus are two vector cross product with a vector / modulus of a vector now hear what is after hair this is our own vector that is through which the line on Line 11 is passing and this is our tour actor through which the
02:00 - 02:59altus passing Sohail let's find firstly R1 R1 vector minus or two factor so here are the Urban Water is given by i + J cap i + J cap - the auto vector is given by two ICAP to ICAP + 2 J cap and minus ke cap so on subtracting we get ICAP - 2 J cap is minus i k and J cap - Zee Cafe 0 and 5 and minus ICAP + 4 j cap K cap so this is the hour 1 -2 actor and now the a vector and b vector is are two ICAP - 2 J cap + K cap knowledge to the cross product of it so there are 1 -2 vector and the cross product with a vector is given by
03:00 - 03:59is given by determinant of here it is ICAP J and K cap and for the urban -8 actor the value for ICAP is -1 the value of g is zero then the value of k cap is one and for the impact of the value of it happens to the value of g cap is -1 and the value of k cap is 1 find the determinant so are my cat is given by here it is 0 -1 right - of -1 then it will come + 1 - Jacob and LED to this share it is -1 - 2 + K cap and the cap is given by 1 minus zero so here we get the urban -8 to cross is ICAP - - will give you + 3 J cap and + K cap right now it's model
04:00 - 04:59modulus of urban - are two vector cross product with a vector is given by under root of 1 square + 3 square which is 9 + Y square it gives you under root 11 and now modulus of a vector modulus of a vector is given by under root of let's see what is R M letter which is to I capsule to host countries 4 plus minus y minus 1 whole square is one and one who carries one cent is equal to under root of 6 shows the shortest distance shortest distance become equal to Vinod that it is modular sofa 1 -2 vector cross product with inductor / modulus of investors so it these values Suite 11 divided by root 6 to 8 is basically under root of 11 by 6

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