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Class 11






Complex Numbers


Find the real values of x\ a n...

Find the real values of `x\ a n d\ y ,\ if:(x+i y)(2-3i)=4+i`

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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is find the real values of X and Y if X + b into 2 minus 3 is equal to for plus Avatar price in this question we have X + iota why into two minus A is equal to 4 + Avatar now we're going to multiply days into this then we get X + iota minus x minus y square is equal to 1 + iota that's all you will get to X + 2 y

ex after taking out a common than minus A square is equal to minus 1 minus minus becomes Plus now right here 3 Y equal to 4 + iota right and right as also X + 3 Y + 2 Y - 3 x Into X + iota flight you can see that this is a real part and it is imaginary part 2 complex number are equal its means its real part and its imaginary parts are also equal by so by comparing you will get you the

+ 3 Y is equal to Real part which is here for flight case number 1 then vizury part - 3 x is equal to imaging path is there one right now let Se Kaise number now multiply a number 1 by 2 and innovation to buy 3 get 1 x minus 6 Y is equal to 8 question number 3 white and multiply equation to y3 we get - 9 X + 6 Y is equal to 3 X 3 question number 4 now equation

from then you will get - 9 x minus 4 x which is -13 X right is equal to minus 6 x and + 6 Y minus 6 Y + 6 y are get cancel out and you are left with 0 in place of why so this is equal to 3 - 8 - 58 - and minus or get cancel out and you are left with only 13 x is equal to write its means x is equal to 5 by 13 that's a value of x in education number 2 then you will get Y is equal to 14 by

this is our answer in this question x is equal to 5 by 13 and Y is equal to 40 by 30 thank you


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