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Find the range of log_3{log_(...

Find the range of log_3{log_(1/2)(x^2+4x+4)}



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Updated On: 5-7-2021

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Answer :
range(y) `in` R



00:00 - 00:5911 so are costly find the range of log of log 3 Block 1 by 2 x square x + 4 listing carefully that food finding the range of log type of function what we do here is that if log is something even like log of x to the base 1 that means if a woman is satisfied that means what I can say that if x is greater than zero and a what is greater than zero or a does not equal to one that means the range of this type of function will be what this will be belongs to are basically I can save minus infinity to infinity ok this is a range of long type of function listing carefully that basically we need to see that whether the X I mean at the place of x 20 X square + 4 x + 4 is greater than zero or not
01:00 - 01:59see one by two also ok so what I am doing is I am going to write this type of function is equal to what this is something like this thing as hot X + 2 whole square ok now what I am doing is I am going to write this thing has Y is equal to log off 3 ok this is what log of 1 by 2 ok and this thing is what actually I can say that X + 2 whole square is something like that if you think carefully that this week I mean if I substitute x is equal to minus to this makes this makes this can be comforted zero that my FIR dasvin not search site so basically what I need to do if I need to mention that egg cannot be equal to 2 ok this must be a thing is I remember that this X must be I mean
02:00 - 02:59X does not equal to what to do if x is equal to 2 am not satisfy and the function is invalid does not equal to 2 X does not equal to that means what that if I substitute anything like -1 -2 -3 -4 anything that becomes but this becomes a square that we felt that -6 will become what positive that this whole thing is positive and 1 by 26 tank believe that this kind of thing is equal to active base of I am in the base of this kind of thing is greater than zero aur does not equal to 1 also basically the dominant satisfy the long function is verified the definition is verified that much but I can say that this kind of thing is a positive this whole thing is equal to what why is equal to log off 3 ok this is log off if I say that this is what
03:00 - 03:59log of 1 by 2 this kind of thing in the part 1 by 2 is equal to what I can say this to ok plus 2 ok I can say what I can also say that just don't replace this thing right this thing as don't reply log of think this is what log 1 by 2 and X + 2 this kind of this whole kind of thing is equal to what was a technique that this thing is not positive that means that I can say that means of this kind of thing is equal to what why belongs to our thanks

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