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Find the range of f(x)=[abs(si...

Find the range of `f(x)=[abs(sinx)+abs(cosx)]`, where `[*]` denotes the greatest integer function.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello everyone let's start the question question says that find the range of effect function of given greatest integer function of modulus of fine X + Cos and sin theta function bracket close bracket to find the function of greatest integer function of modulus modulus function now what why do we take this person pose I am taking this function as JEE exam equal to modulus of sin x + cos of text will find the range of this function as what can we do hair taking square on

good Suji square is equal to sin + cos square x + 2 into modulus of sin x and we can write the complete modern history and writing down sin x into cos x and that of modulus now what we can do has this one get the value 1 and find to which is equal to 2 sin x cos x sin x cos x so we can write down the sorption as modulus of China tour night 10000 what we can do just a range of

function present on the right hand side hair as they know that sine function vary from -121 head outside this was a function function always get positive value the minimum value of this 10 letters find the value of this one so oneplus zero this is the minimum value or I can write down the Z Square ji minimum maximum value Vs oneplus One hair which is true as we can see have one is the minimum value and to is the maximum value of the square of a function

love what we can do hair we can just write down the value of our range of Jiye so we can write down GF 12 under root of 2 as we have only the school and now if it is your GF belongs to the centre will then greatest integer function of J OK what is greatest integer function greatest integer function as only kids as per integer value listen suppose we have 1.3 then the greatest integer function of this one always gives us a new one starts from 1 and close to under root of 2 and root of 2 is a approx 1.414 something to greatest integer of this one it

only one so whatever values lies between these two I delete 1.3.2 this new one so greatest integer function of GX which is rsa1 for every value of x and thank you

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