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Find the product : <br> 3.61 x...

Find the product : <br> `3.61 xx 4.04`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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so here we need to find the product of 3.6 X 4.04 so how we can solve it to before swallowing it just forgot that there is any decimal just write it down as it is simply 361 X 404 what we will get we will see about decimals later but for now just might like this for 1464 is 24 to get it was a 12A we will get 3 become 000 and yogi half again x 4 so you have to say this but you will get 4 4 4 + 4 is 8514 ok so what we get after multiplication we get one 45844 now let's see the decimal place

we can see that decimal places before 2 digit and also hear decimal places before today so if you're into Talha TV see the decimal places before 4 digit so we will 824123 so we will add decimal place here so this is our required answer thank you

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