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Inverse Trigonometric Functions


Find the principal value of si...

Find the principal value of `sin^(-1)(sqrt3/2)`.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : Let `sin^(-1)(sqrt3/2)=y` <br> `rArr siny=sqrt3/2` <br> `:'` The principal values of `sin^(-1)x`lie in `[-pi/2,pi/2]`, and in this interval `sin.(pi)/3 =sqrt3/2` <br> `:.` The principal value of `sin^(-1)(sqrt3/2)" is "pi/3`. <br> `:. Sin^(-1)(sqrt3/2)=pi/3`


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hello friends in this question we have to find the principal value for the Sin inverse of root 3 by 2 so as we know that Sin inverse theatre has Prime values in between minus 5 by 2 to 5 by 2 so statistic why is equals to Sin inverse root 3 by 2 so we can say syno y is equals to root 3 by 2 so we can see this is signed by is equals to Sin of Pi by 3 the value of root 3 by 2

is sin pi by 3 sunao from here we can see why is equals to pi by 3 which is lies in minus 5 by 2 to 5 by 2 hell this will be the solution for this question thank you