Class 12






Inverse Trigonometric Functions


Find the principal value of co...

Find the principal value of `cos^(-1)(sqrt3/2)+cot^(-1)(1/sqrt3)+cosec^(-1)(-2)`


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Answer : `pi/3`


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hello guys BF find the principal value of Cos inverse root 3 by 2 + cot inverse 1 by root 3 + Cos inverse minus 2 now first of all check the year 2 main Cos inverse domain of Cos inverse is -1 to 1 domain of cot inverse is minus infinity to infinity domain of cosec inverse is minus infinity to -1 Union 12 Infinity from where we can see that they belongs to the end domain so no Cos inverse root 3 by 2 value is 56 cot inverse 1 upon root 3 value is 3 similarly we take this -9 because we know that Cos inverse minus

is equal to minus cosec inverse X so this will come minus Cos inverse to his bye bye 6 so from here 5656 casual out each other we will remain with pi by 3 so guys this is the required answer I hope you guys like it thank you