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Find the points of discontinuity, if any, of the following function: f(x)={-2 if x<=-1 ,2x if -1 x<1, 2 if x>=1



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Updated On: 11-6-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello students share question is find the point of this continuity if any of the following function ok and this is given function solve this problem by graphical method this year y axis with x axis Nawal bro border line and this is 1 - 1 X -1 hey this is -1 to 1 ok -1 to 1 and when X is greater than equal to 1 ok Student of the y-axis this is our x-axis ok this is equals to 1 X = 2 - 17 value of is listen equals to minus 1 then function value is -2 so this is
01:00 - 01:59-2 a big part in this point will be included over there because this x sin x minus 1 is included to exist between -1 to 1 which means that Y is equals to 2 then X is lesson 1 and greater than - 1 and 2 weeks time pass through origin ok 7l ft x - 1 this will give equals to minus 2 Eminem Ft X is equals to 1 GB = 22 ok let me make the graph of this two if x is greater than equal to 12 greater than equal to 1 then X is greater than equal to 1 online deposit online Y cos 22.5 icon at this point by point is
02:00 - 02:59-2 and this Lai me Lai between -2 to passing through origin so this will be our line where we can see that this point is continuous everywhere sorry discovers continuous everywhere so we can write continuous everywhere continuous everywhere and we have to find the point of discontinuity so no point of this continued thank you a student

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