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Find the point on the curve y2=4x which is nearest to the point (2, 1) .


Text Solution

normal at B passes through A
(yyo)=yo2(xxo) 1yo=yo+xoyo2


compass question find the point on the curve y square equal to 4 x which is nearest to the point 2 Ka 1 point perspective there was a square is equals to 4.2 electric hua hai to come home and away Ham per Hamen is copper Aisa Koi nikalna hai jo ki ek sabse nearest Hun To let Se Ki hamare pass koi point Hai To usko jisse Kuchh Bhi point bole to aap ko message mat karna To Kya Hoga Ham Jante Hain vah Hoga distance from MI to get square + Y - 1 ka square Tui se Hamen minimise karna sorry to minimise karna is distance Ko To Ham Jante Hain ISI minimise karna to square ko namaskar number 2 EP square Hamare kitne baje aaega X - 2 k square + Y - 1 cast
form use Karenge y square by ka whole square + Y - 1 ka square To Hamara ap ap squares and square Khol Denge Ham to yah Ban Jaega mere pass mein Y to the power 4 by 6 3 + 4 minus y square by a square + Y square + 1 -2 a 3rd equation for everyone to enjoy it to the power 4 by 16 + Y square minus y square - 2 Y + 5 p.m. ET Qui a p square equation and minimise Karnataka
differentiate Karke Kuchh To Jarur Jaenge to let se Ko Main Kuchh bol deta hun 32 capital T disorder hamare pass mein y cube by 4 minus 2 y cube + 282 Y 6222 why is stomach to a Gaya Hai vah Jagah mere pass mein 3 y square by 450 double dash of 23 yah hai iska matlab ka matlab DTU nearest point to the hamare pass wise Tuta Gaya aur X hai vah hai aur paise question
Kuchh To Ho Gaya Hai Hamare to come on pay on August 24 x


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