Class 11






Trigonometric Functions


Find the number of solution of...

Find the number of solution of the equation `e^(sinx)-e^(-sinx)-4=0`


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find the number of solution of the equation leads to power sin x minus power sin minus sin x minus 4 is equal to zero to let's Jagran Dekhenge power power sin x is equal to ok equal to minus one upon x minus 1 upon 1 minus 4 is equal to zero and x square minus minus 4 is equal to zero upon nearly equal to zero

minus 1 is equal to zero 4 plus minus A square B square minus 4 upon 20 upon 28288 to simplify it is equal to 2 + root 5 ok Nau + root 5 and is equal to 2 minus root 5 now TV valuemax impossible event on minimum possible -12 similarly e raised to power sin x ki maximally ke possible it is equal to greater than or equal to what

equal to or greater than or equal to what is the power minus 11 vi 2.7 something or one power minus 1 equal or greater than zero to Kiya wesly Kisi bhi positive number ki power minus kuch bhi likh Le value a positive aap 2 + root 5 we can clearly see route from Qatar to point something he very good 4.2 which Something Something Odia negative Dekhenge Jo hamari TV ki range hai theek hai always positive yahan se hamare pass not possible ok Tu Te connectivity to possibly nahin hai ki root 5 is greater than to the negative value of similarly

power Hamari maximum activity ki equal because it is what it is superfine x2t ki Maximum 2 + root 5 greater than yah bhi ka not possible kya Mein Pata Hai TK Maxx America Shakti equal to this is also not possible classic Se Jyada mere pass mein no real solution for this question no real solution of this question this is the answer for this question