Find the number of solution of the equation 1+ecot2x=2|sinx|1+1cos2x1+sin4xforx(0,5π).


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this question we need to find the number of solution of the equation what is the equation 1 + X ^ square equal to square root of 2 Mod x minus 1 + 1 - cos 2x Dominator 1 + sin power 4 x and x is where is from 0 to 5 is a range of ex CEO online checking we know from this one plus you to the power to find the range of it Vinu what is the range of cos square x describe function so that will definitely cannot be negative 402
10 to the power zero power infinity 2 power cot square x advance come to oneplus nearest the power Court Square x this is in the range of this equation range of alice's 22 Infinity 22 Infinity range moving on
there are two 27 function writing 2 March Tu Mod Finance -1 I'm taking this pause and then we can solve the other part 1 + cos 2x upon 1 + sin power 4 x manpower Vinu finax Mary Kom -12 + 1 night mode
so it cannot be negative over here which cannot be negative x 20 to sign x YouTube right now -1 29 apps -1 become + 10 root 2 sin x -1 we
can see the maximum value of RSS arches of this portion 218 today night portion we can use to 1 minus 2 sin square x 11 will get cancelled what will become sin square x take care common I am writing this as sin x minus one upon sin x whole square + 2 Y if we open this is a square then this will be a + 1 upon
x square x minus 2 so that that plus two will get cancelled instead of them know to get the maximum value of this function we understand that the nominal should be the minimum so what is the minimum value of this is quite 2020 what will be the maximum 2.2 what will be equal to 1 dysfunction what is the maximum value total RSS we can say it both maximum values are ones total RHS maximum of marriages is equal to 1 + 123 scale number line
due to and it is infinity and all Rs will be equal to eligibility form to infinity and from bf2 nothing will be will be too so when we will get the equal value of lhs and RHS we can see it will only at two value equal to RHS only two value at that point I will be equal to desi the power
this is the power cot square x equal to Tu power cot Square x is equal to one or we can write a spiritual power zero from this we can see cot Square x is equal to zero that means cot X is equal to no at which point x is equal to zero that is that one plus one my bad these values will be zero we have some range for the value of 802 find the number this will be the 0225 ben 45
my point of total over here at which point will be zero so we can marketers hair value then second then then 4 and 5 at this point will be zero total number of solution kyon

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