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Class 12






Trigonometric Equations


Find the number of solution of...

Find the number of solution of `[cosx]+|sinx=1inpilt=xlt=3pi` where `[ `` ]` denotes the greatest integer function.

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : We have `[cos x]+|sin x|=1` <br> Now, `-1 le cos x le 1` <br> `:.` Possible values of `[cos x]` are `0, 1, -1` <br> Case I : <br> `[cos x]=-1` or `cos x in [-1, 0)` <br> `:. -1 +|sin x|=1` <br> `rArr |sin x|=2` (not possible) <br> Case II : <br> `[cos x]=0` or `cos x in [0, 1)` <br> `:. |sin x|=1` <br> `rArr x=(3pi)/2, (5pi)/2` <br> Case III : <br> `[cos x]=1` or `cos x=1` <br> `:. |sin x|=0` <br> `:. x=2pi` <br> Hence, there are three solutions.


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welcome to doubt that this is a question find the number of solution of cos x greatest integer function + sin x modulus is equal to one belongs to X ranging from 5 to 35 where clause packets denote the greatest integer function if so now we have this equation cause X in greatest integer function + modulus of sin x is equal to 1 sunao has been no causes ranges from -121 so cosx ranges from -121 correct sunao what does greatest integer function means for example we have 0.99999 upto Infinity so

it will proceed to the left hand side of the number line should be zero for example if we have 1.2 2231 anything it will proceed to the previous number in the number line on the left hand side which is one this is the greatest integer function correct so now the possible values the possible values of greatest integer function cause it's are 0 1 and -1 because it will be a it will be a number it will be an integer correct so therefore case one would be greatest integer function cause x

when it is -1 correct or cause X when it belongs to - 120 correct their 4 - 1 + models of sin x is equal to one correct it can be one now case to case to where similarly sin x would be because X cause its greatest integer function causes is zero or cause X belongs to zero

one correct sunao it would be here food modulus of sin x would be equal to one which is possible because X is 35 by 22552 25 + 5 by 2 and 5 + 5 by to correct soon as possible and now he is 3 know what would be the case 33 would be greatest integer function cause x is equal to one or cause x is equal to 1 no range for that in this Udaipur there is models of sin x is equal to zero it can happen only in one case in 2500 is not possible

so hence there is one solution to solution and 3 solution this is not possible this is not possible because we do it further we get model us if we transfer this we get modulus of sin x is equal to plus two which is outside the range so this is not possible correct so hence we have 3 solutions which are 3 pi by 2 pi pi by 2 and 25 I hope


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