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Class 11






Trigonometric Functions


Find the number of roots of th...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : We have `16 sec^(3) theta-12 (sec^(2) theta-1) -4` sec `theta-9=0` <br> `rArr 16 sec^(3) theta-12 sec^(2) theta-4` sec `theta+3=0` <br> Let sec `theta=t` <br> `rArr 16t^(3)-12t^(2)-4t+3=0` <br> `rArr (2t-1) (2t+1) (4t-3)=0` <br> `:. T=1/2, (-1)/2, 3/4` <br> `rArr cos theta=2, -2, 4/3` (Not possible) <br> `:.` Thus, equation has no real roots.

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hello everyone in this question we have to find the number of roots of the equation in this and in the interval minus b OK Google simplify this equation and will try to find out the roots 16 secular theatre -12 10 square theta tan square theta in terms of sec theta could be written as square theta minus 1 minus 4 sec theta in this line we bring it on left inside - 9 = 20 this secure theta could be written as sec square theta into cosec theta 816 sex karte l

l Bihar 10 - 12 sec square theta 10 - 4 sec theta and + 12 from here -9 give us + 3082 here in these two will take 46 pathetic women FZ 46 seater minus 3 x minus 1 is common it is 4 sec theta -30 right it can be written as 4-6 PM - 1 and 2

food sector -3 the sequel 2046 -1 this is basically is square A minus b into a + b ok Swadesh entitled to Sector -1 MP to sec theta + cosec Theta - 3 Jaise cal 20 from this we get values of sec theta cosec theta value from this is one way to from second bracket is minus 1 by 2 from

third practice 3 by 4 but you also know that value of sec theta lies between lesson - 1 and greater than 1 ok but the values which we have received here and they are all either or between 10 Salman -1 interest half minus infinity by four wheeler between 1 and -1 which is not possible it is always greater than equal to or less than equal to minus 12 hence we have no roots here Pulsar Rs number of roots of the equation is equal to zero that

answer thank you

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