Find the number of positive integral solutions of the equation `x+y+z=12.`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

Solution :
Here the number of solutions is equivalent to the number of ways 12 identical objects can be distributed among three persons if empty groups are not allowed that is `.^(12-1)C_(3-1)= .^(11)C_(2)=55`


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hello everyone so the question is find the number of 4 digit number find the number of 4 digit numbers in which reputation is not allowed so in this case reputation is not allowed suppose we have phone numbers 4 digit number this is our four digit number if I talk about first case we can feel from 0 to 9 anything but we cannot feel 0 here because if I start with 0 in number then it will be three digit number it will not be a four digit number so we are left with only 9 chosen for first option as reputation is not allowed for the second option we only left with 9 options because we can include 0 here but we cannot include the digit we have already used there so for the third options if I talked about the third we are only left it because you already used to wear ok so we're left with only it for last of Sunny Leone Leela 37 on solving

9 into 9 into 8 into 7 we will get 4536 and that is a required answer 4536 are required answer thank you so much everyone

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