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Find the number of integral terms in the expansion of (5^(1/2)+7^(1/8))^(1024).



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Updated On: 8-3-2021

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Solution :
`(5^(1/2)+76^(1/8))^1024`<br> General term in the given expansion can be given as,<br> `T_(r+1) = C(1024,r)*7^(r/8)*5^(512-r/2)`<br> For any term to be integral, `r` should be divisible by `8`.<br> As `0 le r le 1024`,<br> `r` can be `0,8,16,24...1024`.<br> So, this is an A.P. with first term `0` and common difference `8` and last term `1024`.<br> `:. 1024 = 0+(n-1)8`<br> `=> n-1 = 128`<br> `=> n = 129`<br> So, there are total `129` terms that are integral in the given expression.<br>



00:00 - 00:59hello everyone letter start the question that question is that find the number of integral terms in the expansion of 5 raise to 1 by 2 + 7 to 1 by 8 and power is 1024 Suna we have given that a binomial that is 5 to 1 by 2 + 7 days to 1 by 8 and power is 1024 now we know that general term for this will be t r + 1 is equal to NCR that means 1024 C are into x minus that means 5 raise to 1 by 2 into 10 to 4 - are and put this into seven rays to 1 by 8 into our
01:00 - 01:59that means we can conclude from here the power should be multiple of 8 because if it will be multiple of 8 that means it is completely divided by 8 and also it is divided by 2 but if we will take multiple of two that means some values will be there at will not completely divisible by their so that we can take off the bigger that means it's now from here we need to take coefficient of AP 8 so that will be there is a first will be zero to get the integral term that means both the coefficient r02 that will be 1 second is it multiple of 100 it was completely divisible that means this power irrational power will be cancel out again that is 16 and it is up to 10 to completely divisible by
02:00 - 02:59so that is included otherwise we need to take a smaller value then the index so that means if we will find the number of terms in this series that will be the integral time so we know that this is a rare is equal to zero and is equal to 8 and last term and equal to 1024 that means a and will be is equal to a plus and minus 1 into it so we know that the value of all this is 1024 is equal to 80 plus and minus 1 into a sunao from here if you will simplify this it is 1024 is divided by 8 is equal to 2 and -1 so that is divisible by 128 is equal to N -1 from here
03:00 - 03:59Rakul 2129 so that means in the given Binomial expansion the integral term will be 129 so now we can say that integral term terms are equal to 129 final answer key understood it thank you

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