Find the number of cuboidal boxes measuring 2cm by 3cm by 10cm which can be stored in a carton whose dimensions are 40cm, 36cm and 24cm.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello everyone the given question series that find the number of cuboidal box is measuring to CM 3 cm and 10 cm which can be stored in a carton whose dimensions are 40 cm 36 cm and 20 CM so we are given the dimensions of a carton and we have given the dimension of a cuboidal box and we have to tell how many boxes can be stored in the curtains by this we can conclude that volume of cotton equal to volume of all cuboidal box is produced that from this statement another thing that is volume of cuboid volume of cuboid

that is length X width X height that's Alpha length fee for brother as per height for this formula is we are going to use so the statement that we have it and volume of Karta nikal volume of all Keval boxes let's continue with that so the volume of card and equals to volume of this can be written as number of cuboidal box is X volume of one cuboidal box we can say that volume of all the boxes will be number of cubical box is X volume of 1ql box so now it's time to put the values of the

Length breadth and height that were given the question volume of cotton will be because volume of carton dimensions of a given its its shape of cuboid so the volume of cotton will be learnt Nothing to hide that's 40 X 36 X 24 cm and we have to find number of cuboidal box is so will write them as it is multiplied by volume of one cuboidal box volume of one Keval box given as 2 x 3 x is give me the question the dimension of 18 length and diameter X that's 2 into 3 into 10 sunao from here we have to find number of Shamrao cuboidal box is it will

be these so that will be third 40 X 36 X 24 / 2 x 3 x 10 sunao if you look at this expression here we can easily see in this year will be cancelled but this 0-2 will be cancelled by 36 by 18 times and 3 by 6 hours left with 4 x 6 x 24 sunao multiplied and we will get into 6 plus 24 X 24 24 X 24 is 576 so 576 number of boxes

that can fit in that so this is what we are supposed to find this is an answer thank you

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