Class 11






Complex Numbers


Find the modulus and argument ...

Find the modulus and argument of the following complex number and hence express them in the polar form: `(1+2i)/(1-3i)`


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : <br> frac{1+2 i}{1-3 i} <br> Rationalising the denominator :<br> `frac{1+2 i}{1-3 i} times frac{1+3 i}{1+3 i}`<br> `Rightarrow frac{1+3 i+2 i+6 i^{2}}{1-9 i^{2}}`<br> `Rightarrow frac{-5+5 i}{10}(because i^{2}=-1)`<br> `Rightarrow frac{-1}{2}+frac{i}{2}`<br> `r=|z|`<br> `=sqrt{frac{1}{4}+frac{1}{4}}`<br> `=frac{1}{sqrt{2}}`<br> Let `tan alpha=|frac{{Im}(z)}{{Re}(z)}|`<br> Then, `tan alpha=|frac{frac{1}{2}}{frac{-1}{2}}|`<br> `=1`<br> `Rightarrow alpha=frac{pi}{4}`<br> Since point `(frac{-1}{2}, frac{1}{2})` lies in the second quadrant, the argument is given by <br> `theta=pi-alpha` <br> `=pi-frac{pi}{4}` <br> `=frac{3 pi}{4}` <br> Polar form `=r(cos theta+i sin theta)` <br> `=frac{1}{sqrt{2}}(cos frac{3 pi}{4}+i sin frac{3 pi}{4})`<br> <br>


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