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Class 11






Complex Numbers


Find the modulus and argument ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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I have find the modulus and argument of the following complex number which is oneplus 2 and 1 minus 3 is equal to 1 + 21 - 3 we can personalize this right oneplus 3 and then what will get 1 -5 oneplus 5 6 square by 1 minus 9 Chunav hair Bihar - 5 + 5 and as we know that I square is equal to 1 minus one described with this so now we have that is equal to minus 1 by 2 + 1 by 2

minus 1 by 2 and imaginary is 1 by 2 find now we have modulus of that was too real estate buyers will get real use one minus one by two whole square measure is formed by to get 1 by 4 + 1 by 4 is equal to 1 by right now we do Alpha Alpha

Best Buy real that we have 1 by 2 minus 1 by two modulus then we will get in when we will remove it and we'll get to know we have 10 Alpha is equal to pi by 4 and Alpha is equal to sunao graph of sulphur which is equal to minus Alpha right so organ that is equal

Cheetah it is 5 minus 5 minus alpha and we have Alpha is pi by 4 thank you

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