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Find the modulus and argument of each of the following complex number: 2sqrt(3)-2i



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Updated On: 12-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59yadi question find the modulus and argument of each of the following contacts to see mine toward download forces time who is modulus and argument here to find so here we have to root 3 minus 2 Y is equals to ok now we know that mode of Z is equal to Honda real parts Real part 2 root 3 square + part Yogi have under root this is equals to 12 on this is equal to 4 from here we get mode of said is equals to ok
01:00 - 01:59now now we're going to let alpha with the angle made by zxa10 Alpha is equal to part -2 sapon Real part 2 from where we get alpha report to 1 by root 3 which is equals to turn off Alpha equals to 10 5 by 6 from here we get alpha is equal to pi by ok now as a question 2 root 3 minus iota 2 root 3 minus
02:00 - 02:592 a lies in which quadrant and we know that in fourth quadrant of a argument argument of Z is equal to minus of Alpha so here we have Alpha is equal to 5 by 6 - of 56 so so ja at last we have modulus Z is equal to 4 and argument of Z equals to minus 5 by 6 this is our final

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