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Find the modulus and amplitude...

Find the modulus and amplitude of (2 + 3i)/(3+2i)



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Updated On: 26-4-2021

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Answer :
`"tan"^(-1) (5)/(12)`



00:00 - 00:59how to find modulus and amplitude of 2 + 3 upon 3 + Z1 and Z2 as we know the property of complex number find out Moti laptop Z1 and Z2 Z2 is not equal to zero then we can write modo Z2 model model explained simply in this question we can find out are required to find out
01:00 - 01:59the modulus of a + 13 + Android model two plus three years only 3 + 2 root and denominator as we know and complex number like Z = 2 X + 5 by the newest model can be given as a square + Y square and square root of square + 3 square in the denominator will have as you can see both the terms of a square + b square + c square cancelled out and we will have
02:00 - 02:59office contact number now for the second question we have to find out the amplitude also for this property if you want to find out the amplitude of contact number Z1 and Z2 that it can be given as amplitude of z z are contact number 12 + 13 + 12 so in the form of vegetable and Z2 plus at first find out the amplitude of Z1
03:00 - 03:594 Oz 1 Chandan can be given if you have any complex number in the form of X + iota by then then amplitude can be simply given as the imaginary part in Dubai and divide the real part is the imaginary part 133 the real parties to amplitude of Z2 can be traded in work this part 1 2 3
04:00 - 04:59we want to find out the amplitude for Z1 Z2 family tour of German 10.2 it will be tan inverse 3.2 miles from inverse trigonometric function that if we have 10 inverse minus tan inverse y why upon 1 + x square x + 1 by X - 1 + x y for
05:00 - 05:59Dubai let's see if we are going to find out the text into y 3 by 2 into 2 by 3 full simply give one show me the supplier will have amplitude for Z1 Z2 can you active C by 2 minus y + 2 so we will have a Z1 and Z2 discriminated become the ultimate for
06:00 - 06:5929 - 32 MP3 320 love oneplus now I will have the temperature of Z1 Z2 10 December 516 and this too is already there in the nominated 3 into 5 upon a complex number MP cured of complex number 2 + 3 Avatar 13 + 12 will be equals to 5 upon

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