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Find the median from the foll...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : Converting into simple frequecy table : <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> Here,N=6000 <br> `rArr(N)/(2)=(600)/(2)=300` <br> `:.` Median class =40-50 <br> and `l_(1)=40,l_(2)=50,i=50-40=10,f=200,C=236` <br> Now, `:. " ""Median"M=l_(1)+(((N)/(2)-C))/(f)xxi` <br> `=40+((300-236))/(200)xx10` <br> `=40+(10+64)/(200)=40+3.32=43.2`

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interesting questions we have to find out the median of a given tabular data so in this question to find out the meeting the first need to make use of different row column presenting class frequency and frequency for the given data the first class for bleeding comes below 30 so this will include class 10 2:30 and class 68 of frequency will also be 69

this class will be equal to 36 but 69 so this comes out to be 16756 again we subtract from 36 to 36 to get 216 we have accumulated frequency of 66 sorry

508 and difficult at the frequency for the corresponding will be 72 then moving on from 16 to 70 frequency 560 6th and frequency can we subtract in 30 to 50 father class is from 70 to 80 with the frequency of 593 frequency for this will be 27640 class 8297 available now

so this means that this will be the median class 24215 now we didn't meet and can be calculated metre calculate median calculated into I class 11 in this case is equal to 40

302 36 divided by the frequency of the median class 9 frequency of the medium was already calculated as 200 into the height of the class interval which is then we get meet in 43.2 Sade Sati solution question

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