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Find the mean deviation about the median of the following frequency distribution: Class:, 0-6, 6-12, 12-18, 18-24, 24-30 Frequency:, 8, 10, 12, 9, 5



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Solution :
`x_i = 3, 9, 15, 21, 27` <br> `f = 8, 10,12, 9,5 ` <br> `cf = 8, 18 , 30, 39, 44` <br> `N= sumfi = 44` <br> `N/2 = 22` <br> `median class = 12 to 18 ` <br> `l= 12 , F=18 , f=12, h=6 ` <br> `median= l + (n/2 -F)/f *h= 12+ (22-18)/12*6 = 14` <br> now, again in table <br> `d_i = |x_i-14| = 1, 5, 1, 7 , 13` <br> `f_i*d_i = 88, 50, 12, 63 , 65` <br> `sum(fi*di) = 278` <br> mean deviation about median is` (sum(f_i*d_i))/N`<br> `278/44 = 6.318` <br>



00:00 - 00:59in this question to find the mean deviation about the median of following frequency distribution the question 2018 18 to 24 and 24 to 30 and then we have their corresponding frequency is also given in the question to represent this information in the tabular form so we have class given to a and then we have frequencies given to us that represent the frequency with the Word App super class interval that is given to it right and then its to eating 18 to 24 and lastly we have 24 to 30 frequency
01:00 - 01:59corresponding frequencies are 8 10 12 95 we have to calculate the mean deviation about median for that means for calculating that people have to calculate the median of the data and then will going to find out the mean deviation of these data about a calculated medium for finding the median definitely we need the class mark let represent the class mark with the letter XI and how to calculate the values of the class mark sofa each class interval its equal to the lower limit the upper limit / 20 + 6 / 28 36 + 12 / to that is 18 / 299 similarly for here it comes out to be 15 and per here it is 21 for here it is 27 this we have calculated
02:00 - 02:59the values of class interval and we already have the value for frequencies of heat of this class interval the next what we have to do to find the median definitely need one more thing and that one more thing is the cumulative frequency represented with the words TF how to find the cumulative frequency to write the first frequency as that as it is quite like the course frequency is it to the step to write to a like that and then we have to add this with the next frequency Unit 8 plus 1080 come out to be a 3 project writing so it is 18 and similarly we can find out the next cumulative frequency 18 + 12 it will going to give us this value today 6:30 similarly 30 + 92 going to give us this value that is 39 and 39 plus 5 will going to give us this value that is 44 Udaipur how we calculate
03:00 - 03:59the value for cumulative frequency now after simulated frequency what we need to find out another thing that is being used for in the calculation for the calculation of median and that is the value of n for we can pay commission FIR FIR means what sum of all the frequency of All The frequencies 50 calculate this is Commission FIR and that is equal to 10 + 12 is 22 + 8 is 30 and 35 b is equal to 44 and this always matches with the last cumulative frequency to check whether we are doing it right or not so this is how we get the commission is equal to 44 now in order to calculate median there is a formula to let first write the formula and then will do the things
04:00 - 04:59accordingly so we know that median is equal to ln2 / f into h means what try to understand each of the term that is being used as what is used before putting the that value we must have a class for which these values needs to be put in the formula and that is known as median class first calculate the median class now how to calculate the median class 2 with just have to do the end by two that is summation / calculator
05:00 - 05:59to let calculate NY to 1 and 2 is equal to 40 42 that is equal to 22 now we have to look for that cumulative frequency which is near to this NY to value so that mean value 22 basically it comes between 18 and 30 so that means that the median class will be this or the median class 12 now what we consider we consider the median class for that you later frequency which is just greater than the value of A and B of the cumulative frequency which is just greater than the value of n by 2 is basically 30 in the state are so that means we can conclude that 12 to 18 is the median class 218 is the middle class after finding out the median class will going to put each of the value that is being used in the formula
06:00 - 06:59so again calculating median suit is what is the lower limit of the median class so lower limit of the median classes 12 + N2 we already have calculated it 22 - PF no this is not of the median class frequency is the simulated frequency of the class proceeding to medium medium class is what 12 to 18 and the class which is proceeding to the median class is what that is 6 to 12 and the cumulative frequency of the 6th to 12th class interval is what that is 18 so that I will going to you 18 in place of fear and we have to divide it by ff13 the frequency of the median class 9 in a table the frequency of median class is already given to a frequency of
07:00 - 07:59median 12 to 18 is 12 Sunil going to put this value and what is the class price is -34 how we can simply calculated from the median class also 18 - 12 that is equal to 6 value of that we can calculate distinct it comes out to be true after calculating it will come out to be 14 so now we have the value for medium and after calculating median we have to find out the mean deviation about median how to find the mean deviation about median so for that we need another thing in the table and that is XI minus n where did
08:00 - 08:59excise what is the value of class and this is what it is the calculated medium which we already know is equal to 14 so that means the first value will be more -40 that is equal to MOD -11 which in turn is equal to 11 only because modulus will always going to give us a positive value so we have got the value of modulus x minus and for the first class interval and that is what that it can be calculated for the next 9 going to be 5 similarly the next value will be one value will be 7 and the next value will be 30 let's represented with the variable so let's try to represent it with the variable that we don't have to write this whole thing every time
09:00 - 09:59so that represent the distinct the variable Y is equal to x square minus and next what we have to find out we have to find out into means what frequency and to multiply it with values of de do this it into 11 come out to be 8810 in 258 will come out to be 5012 into one is 12 and then 9 into 7863 5 into 13 is 65 to be the formula for mean deviation about median is water let's write the formula for mean deviation about median mean deviation about median
10:00 - 10:59is equal to summation FIR upon summation FIR FIR we need to calculate so let's go back to the time table formation of ID I mean what we just have to add up all the values of FIR if we add up all the values it will come out to be 278 and we already have the value for submission FIR s44 so will going to put both of these values that is 278 in place of FDI and place of will put 44 calculated 27844 it will come out to his 6.3 18.3 18 is the required answer for the question so I hope this is clear thank you

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