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Find the matrix A such that [{...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : we have, `[{:(2,-1),(1,0),(-3,4):}]_(3xx2)A=[{:(-1,-8,-10),(1,-2,-5),(9,22,15):}]_(3xx3)` <br> From the given equation , it is clear that order of A should be `2xx3` <br> Let `A=[{:(a,b,c),(d,e,f):}]` <br> `[{:(2,-1),(1,0),(-3,4):}][{:(a,b,c),(d,e,f):}]=[{:(-1,-8,-10),(1,-2,-5),(9,22,15):}]` <br> `rArr[{:(2a-d,2b-e,2c-f),(a+0d,b+0.e,c+0.f),(-3a+4d,3b+4e,-3c+4l):}]=[{:(-1,-8,-10),(1,-2,-5),( 9,22,15):}]` <br> `rArr [{:(2a-d,2b-e,2c-f),(a,b,c),(-3a+4d,-3b+4e,-3c+4f):}]=[{:(-1,-8,-10),(1,-2,-5),(9,22,15):}]` <br> By equality of matrices, we get <br> `a=1,b=-2,c=-5` <br> and `2a-d=-1rArrd=2a+1=3` <br> `rArr 2b-e=-8rArre=2(-2)+8=4` <br> 2c-f=-10`rArr`f=2c+10=0 <br> `therefore A=[{:(1,-2,-5),(3,4,0):}]`

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hi everyone in this question given find the metric 82 - 110 - 34 into a minus 1 minus minus 1 minus 2 minus 5 92553 solution Park ok MP3 crop 3 matric now what should be a what should be the order of a let me right now ordered pop matric so that we can open pic of symmetry should be to cross the metric because I'm into air hear this two

and two should be equal to that can only we cannot 10th in metric space should be the order to properly to crop the matrix can construct to hear it will be too costly but it will be to do a b c d e f g a b c d e f and 2 - 110 - 3 and 4 ab is equal to -1 - 8 - 10 - 5 - 22215 91 x x x 2 Fast 2 first column to a minority First row and column first through third column 2020 -

110 001 - 3 + coding MI TV plus and minus horror 33 metric Ton equal to minus 1 - 8 - 10 1 - 2 - 59 2015 mechanic weight all these first of all you can get the direct Value of A B and C is equal to 1 b is equal to minus active equal to minus 9 equation to a

minus b is equal to minus 11 equation 2nd year 2B minus b is equal to minus and third to C - f equal to minus 10 second in the value of a in one we get to minus b is equal to -1 all we can see the value of these nothing but putting up value of B S 10 wicket - 4 - equal to mine it Galiyon ki compound to be + 43 - 10 - equal to minus 10 the value of f nothing with their

3.0 actively and the matrix chapter 11b a a b c d e f ABC 1 - 2 - 54 and answer thank you bhai

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