Find the locus of z if arg `((z-1)/(z+1))= pi/4`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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this question we have to find the locus of complex numbers that if the argument of Z - on over that is 1 is equal to pi by 4 so before approaching the main problem let's discuss some basic concept of Complex Amritsar Z is equal to X + y by then the argument of Z is equal to the tan inverse imaginary part of the real part that is when was by over to this is the augmented and there will be more concept to regarding argument that is adamant that one over Z2 then its value will be equal to argument Z1 - are being added to this is the value of almonds advisor to so now information we can see that it is given that argument that - 1 h at present so the second property will be used outside argument that right question 10th question that is arguments and management was at present so just put the value that is why so just put the value of Z

NTC equal to given us by phone or just putting the value that is argument is that - 1 - organised at present b u s property near as we have seen before is equal to four Navodaya now we have to put the value of Z that is expressible as we have received before so let's put the value of Z so argument Express bhai Express Highway - 1 - argument Express I Y + 1 is equal to pi by 2 from here the argument of Express Highway management will be equal to tan inverse Y Yuva X -1 imaginary part of the Year part and here it is equal to tan inverse by your X + b is equal to pi by 4 now from investing your metric functions we can directly did you say formula of tan inverse minus tan inverse B so let's write the formula of

anniversary -10 was with that will be used to select side tan inverse tan inverse a minus b a p s so from here its value is equal to tan inverse a minus b over oneplus AB oneplus AB so this is a value of tan inverse a man's NSP so this form will be used here is why you clients will be used by overexpression so just use this formula so we can write 10 inverse by Yuva x minus 1 by Yuva at minus 1 minus y overexpression whole upon 1 + SEBI that is one plus bi squire over x square minus one this is equal to pi by 4 x 4 Chunav what you are to do we have to take the LCM of in numerator and denominator so I will be cut down so let's take why is a comment

it is equal to station minus x + 1 and in the nominated is equal to x square minus 1 + Y square x square minus 1 + b square minus b is equal to tan pi by 4 so that is equal to 1 sunao Excel XNX will be cancelled out and enumerated liquid to why so let's ride the values when you will be cool to see and hear it is equal to X square + Y square - I'm so we can directly see that it is a circle such that site in a General form that is access query + Y square - 2y - 1 so we can directly say that it is the locus of the complex number z is equal to the circle because this is the equation of circle and whose Centre is zero or one and radius is route to select side circle whose Centre is 0.01 and radius is equal to root 2 so this is our final answer that is a circle with Centre O and it is root 2

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