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Find the locus of the middle points of the chords of the parabola y^2=4a x which subtend a right angle at the vertex of the parabola.



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Updated On: 18-4-2021

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Solution :
Let the chord joining points `P(at_(1)^(2),2at_(1))andQ(at_(2)^(2),2at_(2))` subtends right angle at vertex of the parabola `y^(2)=4ax` <br> `:." "t_(1)t^(2)=-4` <br> If midpoint of chord PQ is R (h,k), then <br> `h=(at_(1)^(2)+at_(2)^(2))/(2),k=(2at_(1)+2at_(2))/(2)` <br> `:." "(2h)/(a)=(t_(1)+t_(2))^(2)-2t_(1)t_(2)=(t_(1)+t_(2))^(2)+8and(k)/(a)-t_(1)+t_(2)` <br> Eliminating `t_(1)+t_(2)`, we get <br> `(2h)/(a)=(k^(2))/(a^(2))+8` <br> `:." "2ax=y^(2)+8a^(2)`, which is the required locus.



00:00 - 00:59student question find the locus of midpoint of parts of the parabola y square equal to 4 a right angle at the vertex of the parabola please solve this problem is this ok was obtained 90 degree at vertex 90 degree birthday Punjabi mis Puja 90 degree to find locus of midpoint of Ab ok now she but it will be 004 by ferry cost 24 I am going to come
01:00 - 01:59parameter for this point 8051 and parameter for the point P is equal to that of a will be a given a square to a given and coordinates of biwi a square commit to a YouTube and support name is it ok if it will be equal to 1 + X 2 by 2 X 1 x 28 time I will be taken as common given a square + b square upon to and
02:00 - 02:59to A1 Plus 282 a point-to-point going to take to a common delete empty 1 + 2 upon 2nd student will get cancel out ok now we have a going to multiply this to over here 28 28 28 is equal to given acquired its way I am going to multiply with a in electricity metre to get Upon A is equals to 1 + 2 open now I am going to find condition for detailed statement at right angle at vertex
03:00 - 03:59baby will be equal to minus 1 into B is equals to minus one will be the is zero zero group between two points is given by by 2 minus one upon x 2 - X 1280 1 -2 slope of the ability to a 1 - 0 will be 1828 1 upon x minus 6 181 a square minus zero and it will be 81 square A square
04:00 - 04:59look and slope of the building 2A to upon 2 square is equals to minus 11 and will get cancel out and I will get cancel out to get cancel out every defence love EP 24 P1 P2 will be equal to -1 from here but will get even is equal to minus 4 upon to ok I am going to put value of T1 in this will get to a point A is equals to a place of the one you like
05:00 - 05:59minus 4 upon 2 X square + 2 X upon cooking what we can do another calculation this will be very long process Si I am going to write T1 square + b square 1 to 8 appointed is equals to 1 + 2 whole square minus 21 to come here you can see product of T1 T2 is -4 we have to remove P1 P2 yet to find look at it was equation in hnk to this day is this and variable is 72
06:00 - 06:59because this point A P can be any point on this parable of T1 T2 to T1 T2 from here but you will see from table p22 is equal to minus 4 ok I am going to put - 400072 will let you what will get to a point a is equal to 1 upon a square 72 is - 72 is equals to minus 4 Y - 4 into minus 2 root blood and this is our final answer thank you student

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