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Introduction To Three Dimensional Geometry


Find the lengths of the median...

Find the lengths of the medians of the triangle with vertices `A (0, 0, 6)`, B `(0, 4, 0)`and `(6, 0, 0)`.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : We are given three vertices of triangle,<br> `A(0,0,6),B(0,4,0) and C(6,0,0).`<br> Let `AD`, `CE` and `BF` are the medians.<br> Then, `D` will be the mid point of `BC`<br> `E` will be the mid point of `AB`<br> `F` will be the mid point of `AB`<br> `:.`Coordinates of `D = ((0+6)/2,(4+0)/2,(0+0)/2) = (3,2,0)`<br> `:.`Coordinates of `E = ((0+0)/2,(4+0)/2,(6+0)/2) = (0,2,3)`<br> `:.`Coordinates of `F = ((6+0)/2,(0+0)/2,(6+0)/2) = (3,0,3)`<br> So, length of median `AD = sqrt((3-0)^2+(2-0)^2+(0-6)^2)`<br> `= sqrt(9+4+36) = sqrt49 = 7`<br> Length of median `BF = sqrt((3-0)^2+(0-4)^2+(3-0)^2)`<br> `= sqrt(9+16+9) = sqrt34`<br> Length of median `CE = sqrt((0-6)^2+(2-0)^2+(3-0)^2)`<br> `= sqrt(36+4+9) = sqrt49 = 7`<br>


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