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Complex Numbers And Quadratic Equations


Find the least positive intege...

Find the least positive integer `n` such that `((2i)/(1+i))^n` is a positive integer.


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Find the least positive integer in such that two iota upon 1 + 10 to the power n is a positive integer forest right in the given expression Bihar to iota upon 1 + iota raised to the power in Note value this will multiply and divide secretion by 1 minus iota defecate to iota into 1 minus sin theta upon 1 + iota into 1 minus iota Hui power 10 simplify this it becomes too iota + 2 upon 1 + 1 whole power n is equal to iota plus one reason the power and now to find the least positive integer values hit and trial so

starting by putting any quiz to get the value of expression is oneplus iota which is imaginary so movie Mon report any quiz 22 and get 1 - 1 + 2 Y is equal to 2 Ayat vs again imaginary now let's put any quiz 24 any iota plus one history before will be equal to iota + 1 whole square raised to the power to therefore it will be equal to 2 iota whole square which is equal to minus 4 now if you put any close to it will get the value as - 4 whole square is equal to 16 and as a positive integer therefore the Mein minimum required value of 10 equals to 8 so they are required

answer thank you