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Find the largest number that will divide 398, 436 and 542 leaving remainders 7, 11 and 15 respectively.



hello everyone question is find the largest number that will divide 398 436 and 542 and leaving remainders 7 11 and 15 respectively a step-by-step let's consider the first number that is 398 ok criticism the required number is so let the required number is equal to X ok now according to question it is given that if we will divide 398 after performing the whole of the division we are getting remainder 7 we can see that it is not exactly divisible by this number X ok so let's find the number which is exactly divisible by X so that number will be 398 - 7
27 is the remainder and if you subtract window with this 398 will get 391 and hence we can say that 391 is exactly divisible by x now let's do the same thing for 4:30 6542 so if will be dividing 436 and eggs anything reminder 11 to 11 so the number exactly divisible by X is 36 - 11 which comes out to be 420 ok knowledge to the same thing with an
542 in case of 542 the number exactly divisible by eggs is now in case of 542 we're getting remainder so the number is 42 - 15 and we get a 725 that is 527 ok now we're having three numbers that is 39120 5527 and these all are divisible by x now the largest number
ok which will be divisible by all of three sunao what you will do is that we will find the HCF that is highest common factor of these three and that if they will be the value of Leprosy per that sunao lips to the prime factorization of each of the numbers separated or possibly a form that 4391 so 390 so it is a it will go with 17 so 17 to that 34 in 1751 23 is a prime number so the factors are the factors of 391 r17 into 23 knowledge perform the prime factorization for 125.5 so age of 40 and 525
price 5.25 inch price in 23517 is a prime number 16 Din Se the factors of 425 5 into 5 into 17 knowledge to form the prime factorization for the last number that is 527 so for this but you will do is that also Govind 17173 z5170 then there is also a gain of prime numbers so so actors of 527 are 1731 now let's find HCF HCF is the common factors of all the three numbers so we can see that only 17 is common in all the three numbers so therefore we can say the value of excess
17 so and we can say the largest number that will divide all three numbers leaving remainder 7 11 and 15 is 17 I hope it is clear IQ


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