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Class 11






Sample Question Paper 4


Find the Karl Pearson's coeffi...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello students today occasion is find the calls pearson's coefficient of correlation between X and Y for the following data X and Y is given to a 16 18 and this and 2225 and up to 14 so we can write the data as here we have X hair we have you that is x minus x 12 x 12 X Men here why there is we that is by minus y mean and we have V square here this is you and here we have used their behalf V square and here we have you be so we can write it at right ITE ise here is access 16

1821 then 2022 then 26-27 than 15 16 the assumed mean we can let letter zoomed mean a is equal to 24 x and assumed mean b is equals to 34 why this is our x bar is equal to 20 and waiver is equal to that is why -32 us we get x minus x bar that is 3020 - 14 16 - 20 - 4 here here is

18 - 2018 - 20 - 2 21 - 21 20 - 2008 then we have 4 here then we have to hair 22 - 20 - 2 year is posted to so we can write this is to here then we have 6 then 7 and then -52 so we can calculate square 14 square 16241 square is 104 this is 63640 and 25 now wise given to us 22 year we can write why so wise

2225 2426 2530 33 Harish 30 then 33 than fourteen years sau bees 3022 -30 is -8 here 25 - 38 - 5 then we have - 6 a.m. then we have -4 here then - 5 then 30 - 3003 and here is -16 so we can calculate the square this is a square 64 squares 25/6 queries 36 and four square 16 2509 and 256 and this is UV so we can create you fall

into it is 32256 10 - 6 similarly by getting multiplied hair 010 Aries -10 as - 5 into two is -10 where is 0 A 21 year is 80 so we can separate by line there this is you this is this is you here this is you scare this is why hair is twice the square and here is UV Sona we calculate the submission of this so

submission you is pipe so we can write a permission us by adding this all these we get commission news by five news queries submission due scary 135 by adding Dil 16 + 4 + 1 + 20 + 3649 and 25 we get permission use queries 135 and solution 20 we get this is -41 and submission V square is 431 and submission UV is equals to 127 so we have to find the culture Spears and cost-efficient so this will equal to R is equal to submission UV minus one by one into submission you into submission v and this is divided by

Commission under root solution used car is used so we can write this social mission news Kya Hai - summation you / n and submission you whole square into some V square minus emission b whole square divided by putting this value we have a nice and easy 2345678 so we have and is equals to 8 years we can write and is equals to 8 by putting all values in the formula we get our is equals to you summation movies 127 - the mission you into 20 5 in 241 that is 20 year so -205 minus

minus will become so this is divided by 8 and the soul is divided by conservation under root submission you so that is 135 square hair - Amisha new whole square + Y square is 25 and this is divided by 8 and here we have solution V square that is 31 - division V that is 41 square in this is divided by 8 by solving this we get our is equals to 1 27 + 8 is divided by 205 is divided by 8 so we get 25.6 25 and this is / by solving

numerator part we get sorry Din nimitta part we get under root 135 square sorry this is not in square and root permission use queries 135 only so we can write a 135 - 25 is divided by 8 so this is 3.125 in 24 31 - 41 square divided by 8 we get the value 21 10.125 100 Bigha is equal to by adding this we get 150 2.625 and this is divided by root we have this in root so we get out of root 11.4 it into 14.8 6 and this is Rs =

2y solving this we get 150 200/1 52.6 25 / 170 there is 170 point 593 and this will equals to 0.8 94 so this is our answer thank you

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