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Class 12






Mathematics - 2013


Find the Karl Pearson's co-eff...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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here in this question find call Pearson coefficient of correlation between X and Y for the following data we are given with particular data accent why we use assumed mean method of Karl Pearson method in which the value of Coefficient R can be given is Sigma UV minus one upon and Sigma you Sigma V upon under root Sigma square minus C whole square upon and multiply with square minus b whole square by and formula

required to be square automation and Square automation point out suppose we have x square by we b square and UV so X and Y value we know from the graph which is basically we put the value 16 18 20 1 2020 22627 and 15 and we have support in which x 20 is a mean so the value of you which is equal to x minus 8 so we will get value of - 4 - 210 267

- 5 and the submission to sum up we will get Sigma you equal to 5 with this method because I want to simplify our answer square with four 1036 4925 and the summation when you do it it is equal to Sigma you square equal to 135 no value of Y is given in the table we will put directly value of Y which is 20 to 25 24 26 25 30 33 and 14 also we have to select means service ilake zameen se then we have the value like - 8 - 52 ki 20 also equal to

Y - 2 - 5 - 6 - 4 - 50 3 and minus 60 and when you do the square it is namely 6425 3616 2509 256 X 256 and you need is formation of V which is equal to minus 41 and you need summation of V square which is equal to four thirty one and you need a you women's multiplication of year this is give to we show the summation you will get is multiplication 32 - 60 - 2021 and 80 and the final submission of you you will get 127 this question is salt completely

when you get all this value you have the formula when you put put values in the formula we will be like having 127 - 5 into minus 1 divided by total data is 8 / under root you know in and around and ab is under root in 200 be so we can write here 135 - 25 by 8 in here you will have 4:30 19168 100/8 when you simplified that you will get your the simplified that particular them my cancellation and year in the final round you will have this value in the decimal form 150 2.62 / under root 130 1.8 8th and under root 2 to

0.88 and when you simplify it you will have 150 2.62 / 173.6 and when you simplify it you will get a final answer of our 0.89 to hear the cal prayers and cooperation is 0.89


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