Find the integration, find the area of the region bounded between the line x=2\ a n d\ the parabola y^2=8xdot



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Updated On: 2-5-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello students today we are going to solve this question here and the equation safe find the integration and find the area of the region bounded between the law and the equation of the line is x = 2 and we have also given a curve that is parabola and the equation of the parabola Y squared equals to 8 to students firstly for solving out this question we will Foster draw the diagram here so for solving the diagram little how we can solve the diagram here so let's draw the Axes and then after drawing the exceeds what we can do it we can see where would that parabola that the equation of the parabola is this one y square = A Tax so if you compare this parabola with this one y
01:00 - 01:59square is equals to 4 a.m. this is of this type that would like like this this one if you enjoyed it so quick Android like this so this is a required parabola and students we can also to one thing we can start a drawing would be a look at this so x = 2 line for drawing this line we need to see where it would cut the x-axis so that will be this point if you find out if b is this point is 20 so the line would like I like this and we can write it over their y square = 88 and this is X equals to so the area that is bounded by these two curves would be it would be we can
02:00 - 02:59say this one ok students so now we know that of what area we need to find the integration using that we can easily found the area so students one thing is also that we can observe here that this graph is symmetrical about x axis Y because when you just ful describe around xxs so you will find what that this is just the same so for finding out area so therefore area of required cough bhoot p = into X integration of we can see why it X but we need to see what limits we need to take care soap for
03:00 - 03:59finding the name its we need to see the traffic is going starting from there to this point so for finding out the limits the origin has gotten 800 and hear the limit of Texas to so the limits would definitely will go from serial 22 so now the next step would be to time 022 we need to find the value of Y here so students for finding out the value of Y hear what we can do we can just see this equation near by square = a text so if you find the value of Y from there it would be under root a 8X and as Windows that could be the under root of 8 at VIT B2 under root 2 and we have X also inside that so students in we can put the value of Y to attitude
04:00 - 04:59to of XD XD for finding out the integration of this Grant Road to constant funds to and another is route to so what we can do this we can just bring that constant out and then we can simply keep the charms of all X integrand inside the integration and now we can multiply diesel Kaun since in the next step and that we definitely give search for under 22022 under root x dx so now let's see how we can integrate this integrated so students as we know that xndx if Instagram is of this type what we can do it x n + 1 upon 1 + 1 + some constant of integration Bihar so
05:00 - 05:59students we are going to apply this formula Kiya so students what we can do here is for finding out the for the integration what we can do it is we can just simply apply this formula and gives us X ^ 2 under root if you see under root so under root is nothing but x to the power 1 by 2 so when you do 1 by 2 and 1 year so that will give us 3.2 and we will write in the nominated 3 by 2 and Definite Integration we don't need to put the concept of integration instead of that we just put the definite limits their and now let's see how we can solve it for the so for solving it for the what we can do it we can put this two in the numerator and that would get X with this phone and that would give is it under root 2 x to the power 3 by 2 and
06:00 - 06:59then we have this free in the denominator so we can write it down like this and we can just put the limits in the term ex 16 just say how we can apply so if applied limit Salesforce cli will apply the upper limit that is here and for that that will give us to 3 by 2 minus root 3 by 2 PC only so now let us see what would we get next so the next step would be it under root 2 upon 3 and for finding out the part 3 by 2 we can just listed as like this to the power 1 into 10 power 1 by 2 Y is that because when we have the same base and multiplication we can just are there powers and big just keep the base AC so now students for solving this out for the what we can do it quick and why did as 802 3 X 2
07:00 - 07:59x to the power 1 by 2 is nothing but under root 2 so that would definitely give this when you multiply 8 and to you will get 16 and when you multiply and to an antidote to get 2 upon 3 and that would definitely lead us with a find an answer and 16 times to is 32 / 3 so this is a required area in square units vacancy so we can write at the end that therefore area is 32 upon 3 square units and that is final answer for this question so we can just underline that and this is a final answer

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