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Find the integrals of the functionssin^3(2x+1)



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Updated On: 31-1-2021

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00:00 - 00:59can't find integrals of the function this solution that I is integration over sin cube 2 X + 1 you can say is equals to sin square x + 1 and sign of 2nd X this is the this is odd odd power of sin x if the if the power is fine if any sign of cosx baby so we can separate Even and Odd power and sin square x we can write 1 - cos squared 2x + sin
01:00 - 01:59of 2 X + 1 DX and also se 1 - cos square x is sin square x this formula is used here so I become and also one more thing is let cos x + 1 is T let cos 2x + 1st and differentiate both side to sin x differentiation of cosx is - of sin2x + 1 and this and champion line using chain rule differentiation of 2 X + 1 is to 2 is equals to date DTE b f
02:00 - 02:59cancer sign of 2 X + 1 DX is equal to minus one upon two teeth so Sign Sign of 2 X + 1 DX is minus half did you hear sign of + 1 DX is half DT so here and 1 - cos 2x + 1 is to 3 is to 1 minus A square and minus 1 by 2 minus half 1 minus 10 squared DT so here and minus 1 by 2 minus 1 by 2 and differences son of one is 3 and minus the difference integration of 1st
03:00 - 03:59and integration of e to the power x square is a to the power 3 upon 3 seat is differentiation of integration of e to the power we can say integration of e power NDT is it to the power 10 plus so here and here are some Constant Sorrow final is the reason why is minus 1 upon 2 minus 2 by 3 and what is so here it is cos 2x + 1 so this is teeth put the value of t so I become minus half and T is cos 2x + 1 - cos 2x +
04:00 - 04:591 upon 3 constant ke this is our final answer thank you

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