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Class 11






Arithmetic Progressions


Find the four numbers in A.P.,...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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today question is find the four numbers in AP whose sum is 15 and in which the greatest number is 4 times the least so we know that a term of an ap is given by a plus and minus one D A Plus and minus one d2ehpa resuming AP to our first term will be a n = 21 to 1 minus 1 into it will be a and the second term which building a + b square foot and equals to 2 and similarly are the third term will Studio and bottom will be a plus 3D elevation ideas will put n = 24 now in a given that the greatest number is 4 times the list of the greatest number is the largest that is the 4th term because we have an increasing AP to our last on that is a port is equal to

A4 as a plus 3D and this will be equal to 42 A show on solving this will have 3D is equal to 3 and will get it is equals to a is equals to 8 = 2384 am4 because we will put 8723 and we know that the time formula in 2222 this is equal to 50 which is equals to end that is 4 by to because we have put them into two letters are for stomach

today episode 24 - 1 is 3 and B have equal to its sau3a solving this this will be 4285 equals to 50 and 52 S10 is so we got our items will be that is equals to 5 a + b = 25 + 5 or 10 + 2 d-33 because he is equals to will be equal to 15 and the last term will be a plus 3D will be equal to 4 and his will be equal to 22 we have found at four terms for this complete the solution and thank you for watching

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