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Class 11






Arithmetic Progressions


Find the four numbers in A.P.,...

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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hello shouldn't now here is a question we have to find the phone number in AP whose sum is 50 and in which the greatest number is 4 times Dali 2018 aur AP let first a and the second term will be a Plus D and third term will be a plus today and bottom which is the greatest among is a + 3D so it is our first it is as if you don't 3rd it is OK for first second third and fourth term of the AP CEO in the question we have given as the greatest number is 4 times the least so the greatest number in our A+ 3D is four times

of the lift our lease term is 4 times of a by this we can get A plus 3 d is equal to 4K 3D is equal to 4 - 83 a h Di 238 cancel out is equal to a now we can rewrite our ap ap a comma now a Plus D not H A A + 828 now a plus today so it will be a + 2A 3A and the bottom has a + 3D 1 + 3 and this is for so you know the sum of all these numbers is

equal to 55 in the form of formula for summation SN is equal to 2 in 22 A Plus and minus 1 into t from this we can write the summation of four times as as four equal to 4 by 2 into 2 a Plus 4 minus 1 into D H A is a and b is also a so there is also a is equals to 57 in the portion where we have 4 by 2 x 2 2A + 3 Y is equal to

51433 now on dividing 51 to get 25 so this is equal to 5 a is equal to 25 is equal to 5 after getting the value of a is equal to 5 we know our data also equal to a so that also equal to 5 you can rewrite the above APS 5 into 2 into a is 10 train 25 is 15 and 4 into 5 is 20 final AP which we have to find out thank you


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