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Class 11






Arithmetic Progressions


Find the four numbers in A.P.,...

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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the question is find the four numbers in AP whose sum is 50 and in which the greatest number is 4 times the list so let's start so let the phone numbers we have a - 3D a Plus D this is our this will be our mis De this will be a plus IT and this will be a + 3D if we check the common difference of this we have same common difference so question trailers whose sum is 50 so we have to add all the terms so we have a - 3D + a minus b + A + + + 3D that will be equal to 50 3D will be cancel out

a days also cancel out so finally we have aur is equal to 50 finally we have the value of a that will be 50 upon 4 that is to reduce 25 finally we have 25 by to show in which the question talas in which the greatest number is 4 times is what is our greatest number greatest number we have a plus three D and b is least number that is a - 3D so we have to product this so this will so this is in we have to do is the greatest number is 4 times in list number so we have to put the greatest number is equal to four times of list number so we have greatest number that is A+ 3D and we have to put this four times of list what is list a - 3D after this we get A+ 3D will be equal to minus 4 into 31312

finally we have 15d will be equal to 3 finally we have is equal to 5 day we know that the value of a we have value of a beehive 25 by 25 finally 25 by 2 into 1 by 5 is equal to de this will be have 5 by 2 find the value of the we have developed equal to pi by 2 show me how to find out our other assuming the values as what is our human values that is Mis 3D a Plus D mis D comma a Plus D and a plus 3D should have to put the value of a and a and by putting the value of A and B have find our numbers so by putting in the value of A and B have

25 we have 25 by 2 minus 15 by to comma 20 by 23242 so finally we have the value of this 10 by to comma 22312 comma 40 by to bus on this we have written this will be 15 and this will be 22 finally we have that is 5 10 15 27 will be required terms we have to find out thank you


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