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Find the equations of the tangents to the hyperbla 4x ^(2) - 9y ^(2) = 144, which are perpendicular to the line 6x + 5y = 21.



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Updated On: 18-7-2021

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Answer :
`5x - 6y pm 18=0`



00:00 - 00:59the question is find the equation of the tangent to the parabola 4 x square - 9 y square equal to 144 which are perpendicular to the line 6 X + Y equal to 21 ok before that we need to know that for the given hyperbola of the form x square divided by x square minus y square / b square equals to 1 if the hyperbola is of the form like this then the equation the equation equation of tangent equation of tangent of slope M is given by of M is given by the equation Y is equals to MX + - root under square square minus b square this is a required equation ok this equation then this is the equator
01:00 - 01:59tangent now the attendance of said to be perpendicular to the line X + 5 Y 21 from here you can find out the slope and ok the tensions are perpendicular to the line which is 6 X + 5 Y equal to 21 if we change the equation as why will be good at it will be 21 year and this will - 6 x and this will be divided ok how did you that this 21 and this one will be on the right hand side and minus 6 x minus 6 X + 21 year and this 5 x 8 128 with all the terms ok I Y is equal to minus 6 by 5 x + 21 Y = MX + c that means I'm is what of this equation of this equation x minus 1 by 5 and we know that my neighbour
02:00 - 02:59is perpendicular to a line then the m for that line that meets the slope of the line which is perpendicular will be equal to -1 ok so that we can write required required slow request look as the required tangent will be perpendicular to this line will be used to 8 - 1 / M and hear this one is what this one is RM what is line what is equation ok so if you put the value of the required Global wilfred minus 1 divided by which is equal to minus 1 divided by 6 - 65 ultimately the when will come out 5.56 mm that made the slope of the required 10th will use this here only ok please of this will put this well now we need a and b water and CEO of the hyperbolic Jivan like this OK will change the equation of the form that will find the equation is given to the equation
03:00 - 03:59equation of hyperbola equation of hyperbola it is given as 4 x square - 9 y square equal to 144 if we divide all the towns my 144 what will find it will be accessed via / 144 divided by 4 minus y square divided by 14499 will win the denominator of the 144 will be equal to one here ok become our from where we can write it will be accessed via / 144 / 1 / 4 because 36 36 36 36 - it will be wise that means that it is equal to 1 ok now it is a format
04:00 - 04:59that we can write their airport A is equals to 6 and b is equal to four ok now now equation for the tangent was y = 2y = 2m x plus minus root under square minus b square if the value of the required equation the required equation equation of tangent the required equation of tangent will be close to Earth from here we can write it will be y = 2 X A W M got that it is x x plus minus root under 5 by 6 into 5 by 6 a.m. square into x square is what is what is Express will be 6 into 6 minus b square minus 16
05:00 - 05:5920 force of American right or why will be equal to 5 by 6 plus minus 6 and 6 will cancel 25 25 - 16 which will be returned the line which is equal to x divided by 6 plus minus A Nice Day ok silver cross multiply this value it will be 6 x 6 Y equal to 5 X + - 360 18 for the side it will be written as 5 x minus 6 Y + - 18 question of the tangent and this is the correct solution of the question thank you

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